“House for a Painting”, FRAC Alsace, Susanne Kühn + Inessa Hansch, until 31. January 2019. photo: Bernhard Strauss

House for a Painting

Since 2007 I have been collaborating with the Belgian architect Inessa Hansch (Paris, France) on objects, which juxtapose three-dimensional construction and painting. Our work on space and its representation is exploring the idea of interior and exterior.

Inessa Hansch builds the framework that organizes the painting in space and gives the consciousness of a place. The construction, as spatial vector, introduces the notion of interiority. Exterior and interior are linked through different measurements. The superimposition of scales builds the framework that allows the human body to interfere with the images and its surrounding space.

My paintings are site-specific within the architectural structure as they react to its disposition of interior and exterior, dynamic of light and shadow, scale, texture and appearance. Through color and figurative imagery the paintings explore an illusionistic place. They facilitate an approach to space outside the limits of the architectural framework and investigate the potential of painting beyond the constrains of two dimensions. Thus, the observer may become part of the painted image.